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We started out as a Beauty Services Providers from our homes, and a small team of women referring each other clients for different services. With the customer referral program, a customer can earn cash and incentives by referring a friend or family to their favorite spa or salon via Beauty Squad.


  • 50% off for the Entire First Year!
  • Get Promoted on our Website Front Page Throughout the Year!
  • Get Live Promotions on Our Social Media Channels!
  • We Optimize SEO and Send Traffic to your Website
  • Offer Limited for the First 1000 Sign-ups

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Founders Lifetime Membership Package $649.99


  • 100 limited spots available
  • No Annual Renewal fees
  • $12.99 website maintenance fee monthly
  • Referral program for lifetime
  • Banner space included on the front page
  • Access to the groups to promote your specials and business anytime you like.
  • Founder badge displayed on Profile
  • Profile on first page of website
  • Live on location interview included to showcase and highlight your business on social media
  • Share in the company

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Our Referral Program

How it Works

  1. Join Now - $649.99 Lifetime Membership Offer!

    Say Sally is looking for a Hair Dresser in Vancouver. She can open the beauty squad website and look for the best service providers available, check their reviews and even get a 10% discount on the first booking!

  2. Book Appointment

    Sally Books Her First Appointment gets 10% off

  3. Give Feedback

    At Our Beauty Squad, we take customer feedback very seriously and have incorporated it into our model. After the appointment Sally fills a small feedback form rating the service providers.

  4. Referral Program - How to

    We introduce our users to the referral program and give them the option to join. Instructional videos may also be found in the Join Now Section

  5. Enroll in VIP Program

    If Sally decides to join the VIP Referral Program, she can begin referring her friends to services on the Our Beauty Squad platform.

  6. Earn Cash and Discount Rewards

    Say Sally liked her haircut a lot and refers a friend, Jennifer to go to the same place. When Jennifer books via the Our Beauty Squad App, a percentage of the cost of service is automatically transferred to Sally's account

  7. Get your friends dicounts

    When Jennifer books her first appointment, she automatically recieves 10% off for booking via Our Beauty Squad. Sally receives a percentage of the cost of service transferred directly to her account.

  8. Get Friends to Join the VIP Program

    After the appointment, Jennifer is requested for a feedback. After the feedback, we will give her an opportunity to join the VIP referral program and refer her friends.

Customer and Business - VIP Program

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